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Cheap insurance rates in Grand Rapids Michigan

Cheap insurance rates in Grand Rapids Michigan are not always what they seem to be. When shopping for lower insurance rates in Grand Rapids Michigan, it has been my experience that cheaper is not always better. Let me give you an example of a client we just wrote from Rockford Michigan. The coverage he had was not what he thought he did. On his home insurance, for example, he only had repair cost instead of replacement cost on his home. So instead of replacing his home in case of a total loss, they would repair it, and the value on his home was only about 50% of what it would cost to replace.

On his auto insurance, he said that he had full coverage on his vehicle, when in fact, after we looked at the policy, he only had comprehensive coverage and no collision. After all was said and done, we saved him over $300 per year and gave him the proper coverage.

Some people think that if you buy insurance online that it is always cheaper. It has been my experience that we can usually save people money and provide them profession and local care from our agency.

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