We are a multi-line Agency in Grand Rapids, MI that sells and services all lines of insurance including Home, Auto, Life, Business, Farm, Lake Estate® and retirement services.

Cheap insurance rates in Grand Rapids Michigan

Cheap insurance rates in Grand Rapids Michigan are not always what they seem to be. When shopping for lower insurance rates in Grand Rapids Michigan, it has been my experience that cheaper is not always better. Let me give you an example of a client we just wrote from Rockford Michigan. The coverage he had was not what he thought he did. On his home insurance, for example, he only had repair cost instead of replacement cost on his home. ...

Auto Insurance Client Reward

Auto Insurance Client Reward: One of the unique things about Farm Bureau Insurance is that we really reward loyal clients. If you have an auto insurance policy with us for more than three years, we will waive your first ticket or accident and not charge you for it.

Farm Related Business Insurance

Farm Related Business Insurance: Farm Bureau Insurance protects nearly 70 percent of all the farms in Michigan, so we understand the insurance needs of Michigan farms and farm-related business. In fact, our company introduced the first Farmowners policy in the nation in 1960 and we’ve been the leader in Michigan farm protection ever since. If you have any kind of farm related business, we offer the customized coverages you need.

Home Insurance Wood Stoves

Home Insurance Wood Stoves: Many insurance companies no longer cover Michigan homes that have wood stoves. We understand that people use them to save money and because this kind of heat fits their lifestyle. As long as wood stoves are properly installed and maintained, properly inspected and UL approved, we will insure homes that have them. Premium costs are adjusted accordingly for homes that use wood stoves, corn burners, outside wood and pellet stoves, and similar heating ...

Auto Insurance PL and PD Coverage

Auto Insurance PL and PD Coverage: This stands for Public Liability and Property Damage coverage. It was a term used in Michigan throughout the 1970s to refer to a “bare bones” policy. It meant essentially the same thing as a “liability only” policy, which provided bodily injury and property damage protection for other drivers and passengers, but not the policy owner. Today the meaning of PLPD is somewhat different. Michigan has become a “No-Fault” state and ...

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